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Top 10 reasons why Retargeting is a must have in your marketing arsenal.

1 - Retargeted customers are 4x more likely to respond to your ad, than people who have not heard from you before.

2 - Retargeting ad boost conversion rate by up to 400%.

3 - 25% of online buyers enjoy seeing retargeted ads, as it reminds them of what they were looking at previously.

4 - Dealers see a 50 - 60% higher conversion rate among retargeted consumers.

5 - Retargeted customers are 4x more likely to convert than new customers.

6 - Cost per impression is 30% lower than other display ads.

7 - 80% of your visitors will leave your website without buying. It will take up to 7 interactions before they buy from you.

8 - 26% of customers will return to a site through retargeting.

9 - Click through is much higher than any other display advertising.

10 - You spend a lot of $$$ to bring people on your website. We want to make sure you close more of them.