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Optimized Websites

SEO Ready

Our websites are optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our designs are search engine friendly and will allow you to achieve higher rankings much faster.

This foundation is critical for serious SEO effort.
You can quickly and easily customize your site's search engine parameters without any programming knowledge. Our auto-generate feature will create custom keywords and meta-data specifically tailored to your site. If you want advanced VIP SEO service, we offer several packages.

Perfect for Targeted SEO Microsites.
If you already have a main website, you can still take advantage of V12's professional SEO-Ready platform. You can create a microsite that promotes a certain part of your inventory or targets a specific segment of your market. Call us to get more information.

Stunning Design

We hire top designers and that is shown in the quality of our templates. Your website and identity are very important, and we take them very seriously. When designing our websites, we optimize them for different browsers, different type of Internet connections and we make sure they are very easy to navigate.

Ease of Use

We want you to focus on selling cars and making money, with this in mind, we created V12 to be very intuitive and easy to use. To help you understand new features as we develop them, we created a comprehensive help section with detailed tutorials.

Custom Websites

Our templates come with a lot of do-it-yourself customizability. However, for the dealer who truly wants to stand out, we can build unique sites completely from the ground up, or, build upon one of our exquisitely crafted custom templates.

Custom Splash Templates

Dealers with more than one location may wish to create a welcome page - called a splash page - where their visitors can choose their destination.