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Fully Automated Marketing Platform for Auto Dealers

Management Tools

Inventory Management

You should be spending your time selling cars and not managing your inventory. With our powerful and intuitive platform, managing inventory is a breeze.
Start by entering the VIN number, add some description, load some pictures and you're done. We take care of all the rest.

Pricing Tool

To market your vehicle, you have to monitor the competition. Price your vehicles too high, and you will not sell them. Price them to low, and you will leave money on the table. Be competitive. Price your vehicles right.
Getting the right inventory at the right price is the key of success. Our pricing tool will give you the information you need before you even buy a vehicle.

Buyer's Guide

The Federal Trade Commission Buyers Guide Rule is part of a Federal Disclosure law that requires all used car dealers to disclose warranty information in writing before the sale of any vehicle.
The rule was placed into effect to inform consumers that the written warranty overrides and supersedes any spoken promises made by a motor vehicle dealer at the time of the sale.

Window Stickers

The sticker is required to be affixed to the side window or windshield of every new car sold in the United States and can only be removed by the consumer (US Code Title 15 Chapter 28 Sections 1231-1233).
A fine plus time in jail for each offense is authorized if the sticker is missing depending on the states.

Sales Documents

Generate Sale Documents in a split of a second and email them to your clients. No more handwritten sales documents. No more VIN mistakes.